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You Don't Have to Take Our Word for It!

Here's what some of our satisfied customers have to say about Heath's Service, Inc.:

Always receive excellent service. The brakes on my vehicle were going out and the employees got me in immediately, checked my vehicle out, and they were done in a couple of hours. I appreciated that they squeezed me in.

Steven M. 4/4/18

Friendly and easy to work with!

Sam T. 4/5/2018

Really good service! Bob and his crew are very helpful and the prices were good as well.

Scott T. 4/17/18

I always receive good, consistent service at this business.

Dan T. 4/20/18

They are very professional. I've been taking my vehicles there forever. Keep up the good work!

Paul S. 4/20/18

Once again, a satisfied customer. As someone who drives an older car and knows it comes with it's share of problems both expected and unexpected it is nice to have a trusted mechanic in your corner. Thank you.

John S. 4/15/18

My wife's car was shifting funny and we thought her car was low on transmission fluid. Since there is no dipstick or access to check the fluid level from under the hood, i dropped the car so they can check from underneath the engine. The team not only checked that the fluid level was fine, but also took it for a text drive to see if there was anything wrong with the car and there wasn't. Honest service, very dependable, and the most reasonable prices in town!

Jim J.

Margaret said she has used the business for 40 years. They provide good service.

Margaret S.

Another great service at Heath's. Always peace of mind knowing they have my best interests at the forefront.

John S.

They do an excellent job, they're great people and he's been dealing with the business for years. He said they're wonderful people to work with and he will continue to do business with them.

Jesse L.

Always top-notch. The service is always good and timely. He is always happy with them.

Tom B.